Don’t judge prematurely

The last time I moved was back in January 2018 when I moved from my former hometown Bad Oeynhausen to Hamburg. Before that I already moved 5 times and I obviously didnt like it as I got knocked into a different life everytime we moved. But If I’m thinking twice about the experiences I made I come along with a different judgment.

Recently in english class we had the assignment to write an article about life-changing moments. I wrote about the first thing that came into mind: When I moved to Hamburg. Honestly this is a personal topic for me but what could be a better way to reevaluate my experience than by writing about it. But my life-changing moment should just serve as an example for the bigger picture of judging prematurely. Because when I wrote about my experience of moving that often I realized something. Usually I dont really associate them with something positive and did just judge them prematurely. Think about yourself: How often did you judge without thinking of both sides? Think about the most important moments of your life in whatever regards and ask yourself: Did I see it from both perspectives? This is not really something original because every wanna-be who wants to come across wisely will tell you this. But maybe giving it a stitch of personal experiences can burn it into your conscience. Obviously it can absolutely improve your social relationships, broaden your mind by taking a look from a different perspective and most importantly help you to accept big changes.

Now let’s start with my personal experience. I already moved several times before and as I said I didnt really like it back then. Although I can’t really remember the first two times because I was still very young, I can absolutely remember the other ones. To keep this article sharp I’m going to mainly focus on the last one; from Bad Oeynhausen to Hamburg. I liked my life back then in my hometown. Even though some things could have been better I had some good friends, I came along well with most of the people and I felt home, a feeling I struggled with through my life. Me and my friend were fascinated by the idea of getting through this boring and rather questionable school system and meanwhile earn some money and build the foundation for financial independence in the future. I was definitely not a great student. Most of the time in class I spend annoying my teachers, giving inappropriate comments and playing video games on my phone. My grades were ordinary but I also did not really care about them. I didnt like the school system and I think it didnt like me either as I was not the model student our school system wants to create. When I was not wasting my time in class I was doing sports. A lot of sports. I loved playing soccer and still did but after some time bodyweight training took over my childhood love. I think this was due to a new environment at a team I didnt really fit in and what in the following made me insecure. It shines through: On the one hand I felt home, safe and was happy. On the other hand not everything was as good as it seems. When my father told me we were going to move to Hamburg because of his work I was shocked. At first I could not believe it and until I really moved it was still hard to accept it. I lived almost two and a half year in the same place and finally felt home and then my whole life should change again. I wanted to stay but there was no possible way to persuade my parents. Yes, I did not want to move again and leave everything behind once again.

When I came to Hamburg everything was new. I’m usually a happy person so I came along with it but I still would have decided to stay instead of moving. So here I was, again a new environment, new people, new school, new soccer team, new place to live and so on. I had a rough time to find a place in all of this but I managed to. At first I used to do it all by myself. I was always somebody who rather did things by himself because I thought like I couldnt not trust someone else. Until day I am like this but I opened myself more and I already think this is the first positive point I firstly did not realize when I moved. All of this also means a new beginning and a new chance to do things better. I stepped up my soccer game and found this love again that I lost about a year ago. Through focusing on my soccer game and not really having that much friends in the beginning I got additionally disciplined in regards of school. I finally didnt just spend my time in class fighting with teachers or doing nothing. I began to realize that even though I didnt like the system I should get some good grades for my future. Those who know me from school would say that I am still not really paying attention sometimes or that I am not focusing that intensely in class. But in comparison to how I used to be in my former school I am a model student. Furthermore, not did just my grades improve and I used to love soccer again, I also found some new friends and people I can spend my time with. But most importantly I got ambitious in school.

All in all I can just advise you to take a look at things from different perspectives. At first I did not want to move but it turned out as a chance and I’m happy about it.

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